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Upon Learning that Murder is Legal in Minnesota

Tho only farther from I and thee

I see a sparrow who speaks to me

Says this is mine for sight to see

Merely ask and it shall be
I never knew the Revereand speaking

Soaring and seeing that distant peeking

Around and over from those he preached to

The dream he knew only to speak to

A dream that fueled a fire burning

A dream that told of future learning

Inevitable, beseeching the men and women

Who knew not what he sought to teach them

That the dream was real, attained and waiting

He knew it and knew his time was wasting

So spread that dream he would and wallow

He knew the dream was gutted and hollowed

Space in dreamland was ever encroaching 

On dreams of others who never bespoke it

Who never acknowledged the obvious problem

That the dream had gardens and fences and watchmen

A dream that I’ll never know as fully

As he who saw it from high on the mountain

Who marvelled and wondered and wanted and spoke it

Suspect and craven he thought were the keepers

Of dreams that were lived out in lifetimes and lineage

Stretching in pigment cross narrow allotments

Guarded by gates that needed mending

So higher they built so the hordes from the mountain

Could never scale fully nor enter to eden

As gates were not ever the literal solution

Instead tip the world toward the dreamland 

Sew and water the mindset of me

The me that I cannot fully see

The one that knows that tonin and pigment

Are accidents of nature but minds are malignant

And seeds grow in fertile and vile gardens

That sort out those over the side of the mountain

That work and claim no favor but that which

Is acting in others to give me a blind switch 

That hides the injustice behind halfhearted effort

To see that the dream is left without effort

Of those who live it in pastures and suburbs

Deluding and ducking knowledge we don’t like

To claim all the credit and blame those we blocked out